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Ordering & Shipping Details

Viewing The Galleries

As you browse the different color galleries, move your favorite flowers into your Cart to view the color combinations side-by-side.


**You can always remove or add flowers to your cart before you make your purchase**


Use the arrows at the bottom of each gallery page to see more flowers in each color category.


Availability And When To Plant

Daylilies can be ordered and planted all year round. For the best results, plant them in autumn, spring, and early summer.

Abbreviations Used





--- Evergreen

--- Semi-Evergreen

--- Deciduous/Dormant

--- Recurrent (Rebloomer)

Flowering Times





--- Early

--- Mid

--- Late

--- Fragrant

Please click on each image to learn more details, including abbreviations, for each flower.


You can also use the search bar above to see a list of flowers corresponding to each abbreviation. 



We have a good supply of listed plants, however, towards the end of the season some varieties may be sold out. Please state if we may choose a substitute or not.


We endeavour to match the lilies as closely as possible. If you wish, you may list a number of plants that may be used as substitutes and we will provide these as they are available.

Time of Despatch


We make every effort to post as soon as possible after receipt of your order. All orders go into a priority listing as we receive them.


Orders may possibly take longer in winter due to adverse weather conditions. Please state if you have a deadline or you would like them by a certain date.

Packing and Postage Costs


Packing and postage costs will be added to your payment depending on your region.


We post throughout New Zealand using New Zealand  courier services. The lilies can actually survive very well out of the ground for several days.


All plant prices are GST inclusive. 

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